RAUS Global help you effectively combine the right products for an overall marketing procurement solution

RAUS Global finds success in helping clients navigate the complex world of marketing procurement.


RAUS Global was founded out of a desire to help clients navigate the incredibly complex world of product solutions offered to marketing procurement teams across the world. We help marketing procurement transform their business model by identifying and delivering a seamless solution to transparency, agency management and value creation for our clients.

In today’s world of cost consciousness and efficiencies across all companies, it is important to understand what is a “need to have” vs. a “nice to have” solution to our client problems. Many of the products offered in the space of marketing procurement overlap and clients often have a hard time deciphering which part of the different product offerings they actually need to deliver on their strategic and tactical KPIs. It is very difficult for marketing procurement to have an in depth knowledge of all the offerings or opportunities relevant to their role - their benefits, costs, or even their existence. In searching the marketplace, they will find that most vendors want to sell the full package — or the Bentley — as we commonly refer to the expensive option. But sometimes the client actually only needs a much more basic service, potentially combined with another vendor offering that then will deliver much better on the goal KPIs for the client. That’s where RAUS Global steps in.

Our team has unique and long-term experience in 1) client side marketing procurement, 2) agency side client finance, CFO and COO roles globally. In these roles we managed all commercial and legal client proposals and negotiations of large, multi-national RFPs, staffing, transparency reporting and other client related requests. We also have extensive expertise in 3) media-, financial- and contractual- auditing.

Understanding our Clients’ Needs

Clients in marketing procurement have different needs. Some come to us with identified problems, seeking someone who can provide innovative, but tried and tested insights and effective and timely delivery. Some clients want help with developing and executing marketing procurement initiatives across a range of areas. Examples are how to manage or rationalize a large portfolio of agencies across across multiple brands and countries in the best possible way or how to make sure transparency is delivered across markets and agencies.

As an independent advisor who speaks the language of marketing, legal, finance and operations, from having worked inside agencies, it becomes possible to use our “inside knowledge” to help our clients identify their problems and, most importantly, find ways to solve them. This approach may entail bringing in other partners to address various areas of specialties of concern, delivering one seamless approach to the client while sharing our knowledge with them along the way.

Beyond the one time sale

In an industry where many vendors are focused on their specific products, such as auditing companies, production companies, or pitch management, there is often a push to sell their individual service. This can lead to a mismatch between what is being sold and what the client actually needs.It can also be difficult to create and manage a full suite of tools without the strategic level view.

The real value comes from helping our clients decide where they can get the most significant benefit, innovation, and change. It’s about finding the right fit for our clients’ needs rather than simply trying to make a sale.



Christine A. Moore, Managing Partner, RAUS Global

Driving transparency and collaboration across marketing procurement, finance and internal audit